Professional bird damage countermeasures! A pioneer in air conditioning systems!

Nowaday,Essk Co., Ltd. will work to improve environmet for everyone!


Everyday life Clean.

The scenery that you can see and the air that you can’t see are comfortable.
We at Esk aim to create a city that is friendly to people, animals, and the environment.
“I want to solve people’s problems.” “I want many people to be happy.”
With this belief from the time of our founding in mind, we will continue to take on challenges from Osaka to the whole country and the world.

What we value in delivering our services. It’s daily to improve service
“Effort”, “Speed” to respond quickly, to solve your worries and bring a smile
Improving “Satisfaction” and making optimal proposals and construction according to customer issues
Kind heart. “Taking the acronym of these four beliefs, the new company name is “ESSK”.
I did. We will continue to provide four values in order to embody the feelings contained in the company name.


We will introduce the construction results by age and building.