Recently, do you notice something in the kitchen?

  • Oil dripping from the hood
  • Filter is clogged with oil
  • Oil is out stain on the ceiling
  • Exhaust port near is dirty with oil
  • Abnormal sound came out of the exhaust fan
  • Handed poor ability of the air conditioner may fall
  • Suction of the exhaust gas is weak,hot air and smoke is filling the kitchen

As an equipment of the building, the exhaust duct of the kitchen has been established on the basis of the Fire Services Act, such as the Building Standard Law, but its use on, easy to pollution and corruption by the deposition and adhesion of oil dust, etc., it can cause hygiene problems, aesthetic and risk of fire with leads to a decrease in ventilator function with. There is also a risk that prevents the operation of the fire damper in the duct to prevent expansion and fire, the diffusion of smoke deposition especially, if a fire occurs once, can cause a serious fire spread fire through the kitchen duct over there.

It is recommended that you perform periodic inspection of kitchen exhaust duct system, the maintenance and cleaning, etc. in order not to disturb the business of the shop also prevention, of the duct fire leading to smoke panic. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you aware of the accident … exhaust duct?

Inside the exhaust duct, is located in the closed state at or fibrous dust by the use of many years, we are led to a drop in performance exhaust. In ESSK, for sufficient amount of exhaust secure, we recommend cleaning the interior of the duct. By are to be used in good condition, to increase the efficiency of the exhaust fan as well as to prevent the occurrence of mold and eliminate odor problem, which leads to a reduction in survival and expense of the equipment as a result.

Recovery of exhaust capacity

The exhaust capacity, and continue to decline along with the accumulation of dust, an extra load on the exhaust fan. By removing the dust and clean the inside of the exhaust duct, you can become a use in good condition the exhaust system.

Ensuring safety

By cleaning the exhaust duct on a regular basis, it can greatly reduce the possibility of trouble such as a fire.

The optimal method of cleaning is based on field survey and analysis of environment in a building or structure of various duct.※ It is recommended cleaning once every 2-3 years basically. Please do not hesitate to contact us.