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 Corrosion resistance / acid resistance

The highly durable STK net was developed in 1970 as a long-lasting polyester net without rusting, using polyester monofilament developed by Toray Monofilament. With over 35 years of experience in fish cages in the sea, it is ideal for salt damage in coastal snowy areas and highly acidic areas in volcanic areas.


It is also resistant to ultraviolet rays, etc., and has a track record of almost no deterioration in the strength of fences that have been exposed outdoors for about 30 years.


The weight of the highly durable STK net is about 1/5 (580g/m) of the wire mesh, which is useful for reducing work and shortening the construction period.


The durability of wire mesh is 5 to 12 years in salt-damaged areas and volcanic areas, but the durability of highly durable STK nets is estimated to be 60 years or more based on the results and material characteristics. Regarding long-term cost reduction, it is in line with the national policy “Cost reduction measures”.

 Breaking net resistance

Unlike general wire mesh, it is knitted by twisting the hexagonal shape twice, so continuous breakage does not occur, and even if it is torn, it can be easily repaired.


High durability STK net is an environmental science product. After use, it can be reused as a plastic material. It is used as a material pallet as an example of use.


It has excellent transparency, and there is no problem with shining compared to conventional wire mesh.

 Electrical insulation and withstand voltage

It has been confirmed by measurement that it has electrical insulation and withstand voltage.

Please leave the installation and handling of the STK net to ESSK.



  • As a rockfall protection net

    As a rockfall protection net

    Even if you have already installed the wire mesh, you do not need to remove it. It can be easily repaired by attaching the STK net as a backing net.

  • As a repair of rusted wire mesh STK net is 100% polyester, there will be no rust.

    As a repair of rusted wire mesh

    If you install a new wire mesh on the wire mesh, rust will occur, but since

  • Standing tree use fence

    Standing tree use fence

  • Ball-proof net

    Ball-proof net

  • Reinforcement work such as Ishiaaki

    Reinforcement work such as Ishiaaki

  • Slope reinforcement net tensioning

    Slope reinforcement net tensioning

  • Falling object prevention net

    Falling object prevention net

  • Rooftop fence installation work

    Rooftop fence installation work

Please leave the installation and handling of the STK net to ESSK.