ACVATM(Air Conditioning and Ventilation Access)System

By using the ACVA system, and manages the air in stages. it will supply to the indoor air hygienic.ACVA system which ESSK is recommended, you set up a small machine that ACVA point perforated air conditioning system of the existing, the air-conditioning duct. And, is a system that was to allow easily all the work through that point. Cleaning is performed, the treatments based on the monitor and regular llution survey of the air-conditioning system as a whole, and then supplied to the room air that has been managed in a sanitary manner.

The point of ACVA
  • It is a cleaning and inspection port that is attached to the duct at the touch of a button.
  • For large-scale opening work is not required, quickly, construction is possible at low cost.
  • It is easy installation just plug the ACVA point a hole in the duct and ceiling.
  • It is a structure that protrudes into the duct is small, does not come off easily even during an earthquake and packing spring material by a cap.
  • After cleaning, you can check the pollution situation by the survey and measurement.

The SURVEY ACVA system

Sanitary maintenance of the air conditioning system by ACVA system started with survey.In the sense that “pollution comprehensive diagnosis”, the survey will investigate in detail the state of contamination by dust and microorganisms.

Particle Counter
Duck low contact plate
  • Photography and visual pollution of the situation in the duct endoscopic
  • Measure the airborne dust concentration in the duct at a party Cal counter
  • Measure the amount of microorganisms in the duct at low Duck contact plate
  • Analysis of the components and the size of dust being deposited in the duct

Make a comprehensive diagnosis of the pollution situation in the duct and summarizes the results of these.

Photo by endoscopic

Photo by endoscopic

Analysis of microbial

Micrograph of dust


Plan of cleaning concrete-conceived on the basis of the survey in the building, cleaning is done. Is inserted into the duct air lance (cleaning tool) by Aqaba points attached to the duct at regular intervals, the tip of the pipe dance vigorously and fed to the thin pipe of the air lance and compressed air from the compressor, and strong duct strike. It is sucked out by a powerful dust collector is allowed to scatter forces the dust that has accumulated in the duct in this operation, attached to the access port of the duct. I use a cleaning robot equipped with air lance depending on the shape of the duct.

In the cleaning of the air-conditioning duct, confirmed after the cleaning and understanding of the pollution situation in the interior of the duct is a very important point. It is possible to check and record the air-conditioning duct through the TV camera mounted; DAX-III is a multi-function robot that can also work cleaning and treatments.


After the cleaning, treatment in the duct (disinfection) is enforced. Insert the spray nozzle from Aqaba point, treatments will be sprayed in the duct can be placed on the air conditioning airflow chemical liquid (* ACP). Chemical solution in antibacterial and antifungal agent that has been developed in air conditioning systems only, it is harmless to human body.


It is a monitoring system that is attached to the sampler duct, to investigate regularly the status of internal contamination. In order to compare upstream and downstream sampler to determine the pollution situation by mounting the lower basin and basin on top of the duct. By measuring the size and quantity of dust was months left or 2 in the duct by inserting a paddle blade sampler from Aqaba point attached to the air-conditioning duct, attached to the viscous surface of the sampler on the air conditioning system basins (original) Compare the pollution state under basin and (end), to examine the degree of contamination trend in the duct. As well as the paddle blade sampler, install the sampler to Aqaba point, and then the culture was collected microorganisms that are floating in the air also microorganisms. I’ll check the degree of contamination of microorganisms in the duct by the number of colonies that have occurred in the medium.

The dust analysis by stereomicroscope

Measurement data example

Be as cleaning