Spalling prevention(Prevention of concrete exfoliation)

Concrete pieces spalling prevention nets of high strength and high durability for receiving the piece of concrete spalling was the deterioration of the bridge part

Deterioration progress is visible
Processing and adjustment is easy

Treatment features

  • Maintenance, etc. is not required, the construction period is short, I can respond quickly to concrete pieces flaking.
  • The color and mesh size can be chosen.
  • Be available to the various bridges of RC · PC · ME, etc..
  • Depending on the format of the structure, it can be processed into any size.
  • For flexible synthetic fiber net, adjustment and process is available.
  • Deterioration progress of the structure of the precursor, after construction will also be confirmed visually.
  • Site management during construction is easy, uniform construction is possible.

Bolt fall prevention nets

Features of the falling object protection and construction of the net

  • The color and size of mesh can be chosen.
  • After construction also, you can check the progress of the deterioration of the structure.
  • By using a flexible net, site adjusting is easy.
  • Processing of any size is possible depending on the installation site.
    (Full construction and part construction)

Construction manual

Construction Referential Example

Use material
Pitting Work
Anchor(chemical)(Charge Quick capsule)(implantation)Etc.
Wire tension
Holding hardware

Construction result list