Pollution and danger of bird damage

Rare disease with high mortality

A kind of fungus that is the cause of the strange disease Cryptococcosis high mortality breeding in deposited feces of domestic pigeon, the mechanism is made to attack through the respiratory tract of a person is diffused into the atmosphere Bow Kansai in August 1990 Dr. T University has been elucidated

Diseasea that infect humans

Psittacosis to infection by contact with people and birds. This is to symptoms similar to pneumonia when it comes to severe become symptoms very similar to the common cold.In addition, Newcastle disease, which is said most of the birds to have colonized, this is the symptom of acute granulocytic conjunctivitis person is infected. Can cause brain damage in children who were born miscarriage pregnant women to undergo placental infection of this parasite, even if the birth is often toxoplasmosis. Histoplasmosis that causes symptoms similar to tuberculosis in the other. Pneumonia sequelae of paralysis of limbs intelligence failure.In addition, there also be Allergy & pulmonary disease depending on the inhalation of antigen bacteria in feces of pigeons

Diseases that infect humans

Dwellings and of the general, flying pigeon repeated, such as condominiums, leads to nesting from the obsession of pigeon, since the deposition of feces and thus, health, and dangerous to infants and the elderly especially unfavorable to humans there. Central nervous system is affected severe headache, dizziness, and vomiting was observed, and the mortality rate is higher the initial symptoms

Virus that causes bird (avian influenza)

Of such symptoms suggestive of pneumonia swollen lymph muscle headache, and muscle pain, such as disturbance of consciousness and paralysis of the limbs in high fever, West Nile virus was discovered in Uganda in 1937 East Africa. Mechanism by which the virus has increased in the host birds, mosquitoes sucking the blood of the bird becomes a mule, spread to refer to human beings and other birds have been found. Many birds have become host raptors, migratory birds to crow, dove, sparrow, from chicken. 50s later, the virus confirmed the Middle East, Europe, even in West Asia, consistent with the path of movement of migratory birds most. Diffuses into the United States over the past three years in the United States, patients of this year has exceeded 3,200. The case of the faint of immunity such as infants and the elderly, which it may die with pneumonia at this virus. In addition, avian influenza has raged in recent years

Pollution 1 by bird droppings

Bird droppings, depending on the material for acidic strong, and adhere roof and walls of the building, and commodity products and materials, distribution center plant machinery and equipment, the warehouse of the factory, but the “stain” with the water once only cleaning is difficult and may or may not recover unless the science cleaning, it cost expensive and sometimes very annoying is needed is often its removal

Pollution 1 by bird droppings

Troubles due to drops often (horse racing, motorboat, etc. Playing Field) arcade shops, shrines and temples, hospitals, and schools in the outdoor arena and various platforms of train people gather many.And dropped to hair and clothes, dirt and odor is very unsanitary difficult fall

The damage caused by flying birds(bird damage)

The damage caused by flying birds

Maximum damage occurs in the airfield, airplane collision of birds and is a bird strike. Suddenly, the airplane becomes a disaster of a plane crash in stall bird is sucked into the engine; it becomes major accidents to lose many lives sometimes. (Bird stopper paint type)

Collision of birds and airplanes

Without even bird sucked into the engine, in order to give (load of 1 ton is there sometimes) a big damage to the aircraft, bird strikes and airplane is a serious damage to the airline. You are experiencing more than 800 per year in Japan. (Bird stopper paint type)

Crow increased too much

Due to the damage of crow increased in Tokyo, regulation has been made. However the resolution is as difficult to measure the current. The corruption of garbage in the street, singing is noisy, it is, etc. person has been threaten by attacked. Why has increased in Tokyo? It is not the responsibility of the crow; it is a human living cause. It is time to be considered as a warning of environmental problems. (Bird stopper chain type))  (Bird stopper SUS pin type) (Bird stopper net type)

The starling in droves to street trees

Starlings in droves to street trees, let alone cry flying, situation of fuss has occurred, such as city than at the time of bullshit and noise. Up to trouble, such as cannot be walking and not umbrella in such a town, was that the damage is increased.(Bird stopper electrical vibration wave type)

The damage caused by foraging birds(bird damage)

Farming area

(Rice and Wheat, vegetables, beans, etc.) is a crop of the rural areas, (citrus, peaches, apples, pears, and grapes) damage most prominent in the foraging of birds (mainly orchards) is, in the orchard, especially it is possible that also extends to the production rate of damage.(bird damage)


Damage caused by black-headed gulls and gulls that foraging buds of seaweed that aquaculture at sea.(bird damage)

Fish farms in the river upstream

Damage of fry in the fish farm that takes place upstream of the river.(bird damage)

Cherry blossom viewing spot

When I was a spring, in order to foraging seaweed and buds of trees, some places, as like Cherry Blossom Festival, Fuji festival, such as can not be without flowering has occurred.(bird damage)

Damage caused by nesting of birds(bird damage)

Damage in transmission tower of Power Company(bird damage)

Damage influential among the damage that occurs due to the nesting of birds, even the most socially would be nesting of birds in the transmission tower of the power company. This is because the cause of the short circuit electrical accident directly.

Overhead wire damage the train, electrical facilities, in billboards(bird damage)

Where that can cause a short circuit accident similar, there are electrical facilities and overhead wires of the train, such as JR, also, there is also be a cause of fire accidents, such as billboards of neon often in urban areas.

Damage to factory and plant(bird damage)

Tend to avoid the rain and wind is (nesting) bed, ask the place warm, the trend is as strong resident birds (pigeons, starlings, etc.), particularly birds in general. Bird droppings is often inside the factories and warehouses it is because the.

Damage in the transmission and reception(bird damage)

It is not a short-circuit as electrical accident, but in the song of a bird or bullshit, there is a nesting of birds in the transmission and reception of radio towers and radio waves which becomes annoying trouble around.Damage in urban areas has increased with the expansion of telephone lines in particular.

Damage to houses and apartment(bird damage)

And flower pots placed on the balcony of a high-rise apartment houses and general, only the corner of the outdoor unit of the cooler, and where it is not irreversible glance back of the Shed, such as draining or eaves, or a place that is blown in the wind and rain, the nest once When it is, because of the obsession at that location is strong, that you do not go away quite often.

Bird strike damage

Bird strikes that bird strikes an airplane or is sucked into the engine and hinders flight, but can also become a great cancellation of life. Especially during flight during takeoff and landing and immediately after takeoff. A revolutionary repellent paint was born for countermeasures against bird strike! Bird stopper / paint type. Corresponds to every bird with a component that burns out bad odors and birds dislikes ultraviolet rays. Moreover, because it is trapped in microcapsules, it will last for a long time. Since it does not interfere with the runway, it can be applied directly to the airfield runway.

Point of choosing bird damage countermeasures the (bird damage treatment unit)

a reliable effect is obtained.
There is no familiar, but persistence.
Prevention of flying birds is certain without killing the birds.
Choose the company that the guarantee of effective responsibility and many constructions result.
Choose a good and reliable track record when purchase.
Choose the one with no TV and radio interference and harmless to the human body.
Choose the good without maintenance.
No damage to the landscape and no discomfort.
No danger and no interfere with the fire-fighting operation.
Cost is reasonable. Running costs are inexpensive.

Disadvantages of the bird kind of harm measures (bird damage control unit)

The following is an example of a bird harm countermeasure device being sold in general. However, currently there is no proven effective as expect.

Chemical repellents low toxicity tape bird or falling and dying
Food contamination type Die directly
Short canned , etc effective for such a short time
Sticky repellents Lime-like coating agent There effective period of a sticky, but no effect if cured
Linear Linear gut to get used immediately, and no effect
Threatened None (visual) balloon centerpiece no effect
Hung a model of bird The effect of a few days
Scream sound effect Scream sound of a bird an effect — temporary
Explosion machine Although it is effective, the interval of sound is learned and it is becoming tame
The vacuoles by air gun Some effect, but the permission of the field
Automatic device electric scarecrow No effect to split the cost. I can become immediately
Equipment rid of automatic No effect to split the cost. I can become immediately

Recommended bird damage measures

Birds flying prevention
Available up to birds of prey to large birds! OK just paint! It can bird so as not to come from the new buildings! Moreover, the effect of a long period of time! Secret is…

Bird stopper paint type

birds flying prevention
Bird damage system works by generating weak electrical shock. It does not repel the birds again!

Bird stopper electric oscillation wave type

Birds flying prevention
It does not repel the birds with biological magnet (magnetite) to generate a magnetic field of the tunnel!
Bird stopper chain type (4500G)

birds flying prevention
Beautiful hairline finish of all stainless steel! It will certainly prevent the entry of birds! To buildings of aesthetic emphasis excellent durability
Bird stopper screen type (HL)

Birds landing prevention
The strong by far of the rain and sunlight!
SUS pin new appearance, stainless steel-based all weather!
Omissions and degradation would not be seen because of plastic made!
Bird stopper pin type SUS (stainless steel base)

Birds’ intrusion prevention
Bird net safe, reliable, low-cost! It will be addressed in a variety of fields to the viaduct from the veranda
Bird stopper net type

Birds flying prevention device
Simple method, which does not stop the birds because of tensioning a stainless steel wire
Bird stopper SUS wire type

Bird fly prevention device
An epoch-making construction method that keeps birds away with a special laser beam.
Bird stopper laser type

Bird fly prevention device
A high-tech simulation device for the mobile and flight of “Hayabusa”, the natural enemy of birds.
Birdstopper NEO Flying Falcon

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