Corporate information

The starting point of our work was the cleaning of air conditioning ducts in 1983. What surprised me during the duct cleaning at that time was the copious amounts of pigeon droppings around the rooftop air intake. The reality was that the pigeon droppings were sucked straight into the air conditioner. The owner of the building asked me to do something about it, and the public health center pointed out that it was a sanitary hazard. At that time, I tried using pest control tools that were available in the market, but they weren’t very effective. discover. It was one of the items, “Doves have organs that sense geomagnetism in their bodies.” Using this as a hint, I discovered that if you use a magnet to disturb the magnetic field, the pigeons will not stick to it. We have developed the world’s first bird stopper that uses a magnet to prevent birds from flying. From the point of view of animal welfare, this method is the most peaceful solution that can prevent birds from flying without killing or injuring them. Currently, we have a number of devices for various situations, but we do not want to sell products that tend to be irresponsible. Rather than that, we will look at the site, select the best method and make a proposal, in return we will take full responsibility. This is the so-called “guarantee of effectiveness through responsible construction”. What we value in delivering our services. These are the daily “effort” to improve services, the “speed” to respond quickly, the improvement of “satisfaction” to solve problems and deliver smiles, “Kind heart” that provides optimal proposals and construction according to the issues of the customer. We, ESQ, practice the provision of these four values ​​and aim to create a city that is friendly to people, animals, and the environment. “I want to solve people’s problems.” “I want to make many people happy.” We will continue to challenge new fields, aim for further expansion, and contribute to society.


Corporate profile

company name ESSK Co., Ltd
Establishment April 1, 1983
Representative Representative director   Shunji Sugimoto
Location 7-5-24 Misaki, Suminoe Ward, Osaka City Japan access
telephone/FAX +81-6-6684-5120/+81-6-6684-5121
Employee 15 persons
Capital 20 million yen
  1. Maintenance of the air conditioning system
  2. Survey and cleaning by ACVA system
  3. Design and construction of the duct work and air conditioning equipment
  4. Maintenance and cleaning of the kitchen exhaust system in general

  5. Inspection and cleaning of the kitchen exhaust duct (in the kitchen cleaning)

  6. Residential ventilation duct cleaning
  7. Bird harm measure at large
    • Survey of bird damage control work in general, design, consulting
    • Sales and construction of bird damage control equipment
      Bird stopper Chain type 4500G
      Bird stopper Screen Type HL
      Bird stopper SUS pin type stainless steel base
      Bird stopper Net type
      Bird stopper Electric oscillation wave type
      Bird stopper Paint type
      Bird stopper SUS wire type
  8. Spalling prevention method
    • Concrete flaking prevention net for construction
    • Bolt falling prevention net for construction
    • Ceiling board fall prevention net for construction
    • Ceiling board fall prevention net for construction
  9. Engineering works
  10. Earthwork
  11. stone Work Business
  12. steel structures Work Business
  13. paving Work Business
  14. dredging Work Business
  15. Paint Work Business
  16. water facilities Contractors
  17. The plan of a portable electric power unit, portable storage battery, and home use storage battery, a solar panel, and a photovoltaic generation related product, manufacture, and sale
  18. A plan, manufacture, and sale of reconstituted wood (wood plastic) products
  19. Sale and Export Sales of Recycled Article of Synthetic Resin Materials
  20. Several-Kinds Magnet Products, Manufacture, and Sale
  21. Front Each Number

Construction license
Tube, civil engineering, stone, Earthwork, steel structures, paving, dredging, painting, and water facilities Contractors 

(General -24) No. 95237 No. Governor of Osaka Prefecture permission


(2-5 No. 20 da Osaka) building air conditioning duct cleaning industry


Technology evaluation 

Air conditioning duct cleaning method ACVA ADC2013-01


Business content

1. General maintenance of air conditioning system
2. Investigation and cleaning by ACVA system
3. Maintenance and cleaning of the entire kitchen exhaust system
4. Maintenance and cleaning of residential ventilation ducts
5. Survey, design, and consulting of bird damage control work in general
6. Bird stopper series sales and construction
7. Peeling prevention / fall prevention net sales / construction
8. Planning and sales of solar power related products
9. Portable power supply WinPower for sale
10. STK Net Agency (Sales / Construction)

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April, 1983
Winton Osaka Co., Ltd. established. ACVA system regional sales contract.
August, 1987
ACVA system Ministry of Construction Technology Assessment method No,86020号
March, 1988
I sign on birds coming flying arrester “hatokon” total dealership
September, 1988
It is signed on assumption of office aqua clean filter West Japan area dealership by Kansai S sea establishment representative director Co., Ltd.
March, 1989
Japan air conditioning system cleaning Association join 
October, 1990
It becomes the sweet smell device utility model combination application general distributor
October, 1992
Birds flying prevention device Bird stopper development  Trademark registration NO.2694590
January, 1994
Sumisho P & S’s sales contract 
July, 1994
Korea transformer’s sales contracts 
August, 1994
Fujimoto Dengyo  Corporation sales contract 
July, 1995
Nissho Iwai Corporation sales contract 
April, 1997
Winton Osaka Co.,Ltd new building completed 
April, 1997
Winton Osaka Co.,Ltd 20million yen capital increase
October, 1999
Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises approved NO.579-8
September, 2001
Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises approved NO.509-88
September, 2011
Portable power supply WinPower development  (Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises approved NO.1047-66)
February, 2014
Bird stopper paint type development
March, 2016
Portable power supply WinPower development (Act on Supporting Business Innovation of Small and Medium Enterprises approved NO.1055-90)

Partner Company


Winton Osaka Co., Ltd.

Unoki building 13-1 Yukigayaotsukamachi, Ota-ku,Tokyo 145-0067 Japan

Housing Kenkou Co., Ltd. Chubu

Haruki Araike 3919-1, Aichigun Togocho, Aichi 470-0162 Japan

Overseas cooperation company

earth chemical (Thailand) company

ARS CHEMICAL(THAILAND)CO.,LTD 25 Bangkok Insurance/Y.W.C.A.Building 30th FL;South Sathom Road,Tungmahamek,Sathom,Bangkok 10120

TOYOTA TSUSHO M&E (THAILAND) CO.,LTD (Toyota Tsusho group)

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