Bird stopper screen type (HL)



Beautiful hairline finish of all stainless steel! It will certainly prevent the entry of birds! To buildings of aesthetic emphasis excellent durability

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  • ☆Effect guarantee responsibility construction☆

    ◎type that does not penetrate with a stainless steel wire


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  • It is the preeminent effect can be reliably intrusion prevention pigeons, crows, ducks, gulls, sparrows, birds of every starling, etc..
  • It is not visible from the outside almost as compared to the bird net, dirt, dust is not stick on it, and forever does not impair the values of building beautiful appearance. Non-maintenance is also attractive.
  • There is no catch fire, partial repair is easy unlike net of chemical fiber, so we use only noncombustible material.
  • It is safe to so do not interfere with the firefighting because has a structure that is open to the left and right in case of an emergency. (Using spring)
  • Since the (beautiful hairline finish) that are made of stainless steel type material (1.0 mm) stainless steel wire coating, it is less expensive running costs and use a long time durable. ※ baking is possible to fit the building.
  • Each color selection can also wire coating (white, black, gray, clear, blue, red, wine red)
  • It is performing a free consulting and preliminary survey of large-scale renovation of the apartment and your suggestions in the design time.

Where you can use

Balcony or veranda, effect and aesthetics very stairs windows and important condominiums and apartment houses. Roof of the factories and plants, and the Tower of neon signs, billboards. Where machinery and equipment warehouses and manufacturing plants are not addressed by the other bird net, (shrines, temples, cultural heritage, important cultural properties, schools, hospitals, shopping centers) where it emphasis on aesthetics in particular. Equipment structures (fishing facilities, intake tower of the dam, water supply facilities, dust treatment plant) all, architectural structures where it importance to rust resistance and durability etc…

Bird stopper screen type (HL) construction results

Example of installation

  • beforeg02
    ▲Since almost invisible from certain Centerville outside, it does not detract from the appearance.
  • afterg03
  • beforeP4271675
    ▲Shopping Center (Kyoto)
    All over the place can be set up.
  • afterP4271677



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