The damage caused by flying birds(bird damage)


The damage caused by flying birds

Maximum damage occurs in the airfield, airplane collision of birds and is a bird strike. Suddenly, the airplane becomes a disaster of a plane crash in stall bird is sucked into the engine; it becomes major accidents to lose many lives sometimes. (Bird stopper paint type)

Collision of birds and airplanes

Without even bird sucked into the engine, in order to give (load of 1 ton is there sometimes) a big damage to the aircraft, bird strikes and airplane is a serious damage to the airline. You are experiencing more than 800 per year in Japan. (Bird stopper paint type)

Crow increased too much

Due to the damage of crow increased in Tokyo, regulation has been made. However the resolution is as difficult to measure the current. The corruption of garbage in the street, singing is noisy, it is, etc. person has been threaten by attacked. Why has increased in Tokyo? It is not the responsibility of the crow; it is a human living cause. It is time to be considered as a warning of environmental problems. (Bird stopper chain type) (Bird stopper SUS pin type) (Bird stopper net type)

The starling in droves to street trees

Starlings in droves to street trees, let alone cry flying, situation of fuss has occurred, such as city than at the time of bullshit and noise. Up to trouble, such as cannot be walking and not umbrella in such a town, was that the damage is increased. (Bird stopper electrical vibration wave type)